We offer the internet domain names:

You're a video-, audio- or software producer?
You're in search for an intuitive domain-name to suit your business?

Now you've found it!

The domain is suitable for projects and/or producers in the it-, entertainment- and tv-business, in multi media industry, for dvd dealers, etc.
The domain will be sold for the highest bidding!

We propose the following conditions:
1. The interested party requests the link to the report of an international domain expert. We’ll return it immediately!
2. The customer makes his offer.
3. The customer will be informed within 12 hrs. if there is a higher bidding or if his offer is the highest.
4. If the interested party gets the knocking down the prais can be payd via our PayPal-account or via trustees.
5. After the money has arived at PayPal or at the trustee company we accept the transfer-contrakt. In Germany it’s called “KK-Antrag”.
6. The customer is happy with his new domain!